Small Complete Biomass Pelleting Plant (100-1000KG/1H) buy in Μέγαρα on Ελληνικά
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Νόμισμα EUR
Small Complete Biomass Pelleting Plant (100-1000KG/1H) buy in Μέγαρα on Ελληνικά
Αγορά Small Complete Biomass Pelleting Plant (100-1000KG/1H)
Small Complete Biomass Pelleting Plant (100-1000KG/1H)

Small Complete Biomass Pelleting Plant (100-1000KG/1H)

Εμπορεύματα από παραγωγό
150000 EUR
Ελλάδα, Μέγαρα
Προβολή τηλεφώνου

Product Description

Pelletizing is the process of making waste materials into solid fuel. The objects are used for burning purposes. Wood Pellet can be made from any type of Agro-Forestry waste: Groundnut-shell * Sugarcane Biogases * Caster Shells/Stalk * Saw dust * Coffee Husk * Paddy Straw * Sunflower Stalk * Cotton Stalks * Tobacco waste Mustard Stalk * Jute waste * Bamboo Dust * Tea waste * Wheat Straw * Palm husk * Soybeans husk *Coir Pitch Barks/Straws * Rice Husks * Forestry wastes * Wood Chips and many other Agro wastes.

Mobile Small Biomass Pellet Plant with Capacity 100-1000 kg/1h is developed to meet with the family use which is made up of Wood Chipping Machine, Hammer Mill, Air-Current Dryer / Small Rotary Drum Dryer, Mixer, Screw Conveyor, Conditioner, Flat Pellet Press, Grade Sieve and Cooler, small Semi-auto Packing Machine.

The Mobile Small Biomass Pellet Plant is equipped with MZLP-Series Flat Die Pellet Mill, for the MZLP-Series Flat Die Pellet Mill is simple to operate and easy to maintain to meet the needs from the family and farmer use.

Features of MZLP-Series Flat Die Pellet Press from KL-Series and PK-Series:

1. The mechanical strength of MZLP-Series Flat Pellet Press is 3-4 times than our domestic KL-Series / 9PK-Series which are mainly used to make animal feedstuff, while our MZLP-Series is designed specially to make biomass/wood pellet.

2. The life of the roller and template on MZLP-Series can get to 300-500 hours which is 2 times longer comparing with the domestic manufactures. The raw material of our spare parts is from 20CrMnTi or 40Cr.

On the thickness of Template for MZLP-Series Flat Die Pellet Press:
MZLP-200/260 is 25-40mm; MZLP-300/400 is 30-50mm.

Of course, the Template with diameter 8mm is thicker than 6mm.

The thickness of the Template will affect the quality of the pellet. When the Template is thicker, it is equal that the pelletizing process is longer, so the density of pellet will be higher, and the appearance of pellet will be smoother. And the life of the Template will be longer.

3. All the electrical spare parts of MZLP-Series have CE Certificate.

4. All the templates of MZLP-Series have been polished well before we transport to our clients. You will not need to waste time polish it again and again.

5. We match the special reducer on MZLP-Series which can guarantee the density and good quality of wood pellet.

The low roller speed of approximately 2.5m/s ensures a good deaeration of the product. As a result of the low speed, the press noise is below 70dba.

6. We can make pure wood pellet without any additives and the density of wood pellet is 1.1-1.4.

7. We have CE certificate on our all MZLP-Series Flat Die Pellet Press.

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Small Complete Biomass Pelleting Plant (100-1000KG/1H)
Small Complete Biomass Pelleting Plant (100-1000KG/1H)
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